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BSides Milano

City Milano
Province Milano
Country IT
Twitter @BSidesMilano
Website http://milano.securitybsides.eu
CFP Deadline April 30, 2018, 11:55 p.m.


List of Topics

Mobile Device Security
Virtualization, Hypervisor, and Cloud Security
Malware Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Exploitation Techniques
Rootkit Development
Code Analysis
Forensics and Anti-Forensics
Embedded Device Security
Web Application Security
Threat Intelligence
Wireless Network Security
Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
Social Engineering
Bitcoin and Blockchain
Red Teaming/Penetration Testing
Law Enforcement Activities
Telecommunications Security (SS7, 3G/4G, GSM, VOIP, etc)
Adversarial Simulation
Lateral Movement

Link: https://easychair.org/cfp/BSML18