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City Moscow
Province N/A
Country RU
Twitter @phdays
Website https://www.phdays.com
CFP Deadline March 10, 2018, 11:55 p.m.


The upcoming PHDays forum is called Digital Bet and it focuses on potential security threats and challenges that state, business, and citizens have to face due to the global switch to digital economy.

Topics of this year:

Role of the government and regulation organizations in economy digitalization
Digitalization of finance technologies
Security of critical digital infrastructure
Actions to reduce risks and control information security
Techniques and tools for physical security
Neurotechnology and artificial intelligence
Home and industrial IoT issues
Blockchain technology and its security
Security of biometric authentication systems

For technical talks, PHDays welcomes both defense- and attack-related research on the following topics:

Threat hunting and forensics against targeted APT attacks and cyberspying
Hardware and IoT security
Protecting of public, hybrid, and private cloud
Threat-intelligence-driven SOC
Applied cryptography
Smart city and connected vehicle security
SSDL and real-time application self-protection
Critical infrastructure, SCADA and telecom security

If your report covers some other aspect of information security and you believe it will be interesting for the community, please feel free to apply.