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City Ede
Province Gelderland
Country NL
Twitter nljug
Website http://nljugcfp.nl/
CFP Deadline Aug. 20, 2017, 11:59 p.m.   


On November 2, 2017 the J-Fall 2017 conference of the NLJUG will be held. The conference will be taking place at conference venue 'CineMec' in Ede, Netherlands. The organizing committee is looking for you as a speaker to present your session in one of the available timeslots.

If you have an interesting Java related topic that you would like to present to NLJUG members, this is your chance. A timeslot has 50 minutes. Attendees typically have intermediate to advanced Java skills and are looking for practical content to enhance their knowledge. Most valued sessions include best practices, code samples and/or live demos. Besides regular technical sessions, we are also looking for hands-on labs proposals and unconference-style sessions. Submitting multiple papers is allowed of course.